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Transactional email service- How it can influence your base line?

For many online companies email is the key communication medium to reach your clients.  If they are not getting your transactional messages you may lose them prior they get initiated.  Here are some ways that failing to send your transactional emails to your clients or failing to use transactional email service will badly affect your company, and finally your base line.

1. Trust
Failing to attain the primary welcome mail may sometimes guide to customers not at all getting completely involved or prospectively checking their email ID to verify their sign up. Having never attained verification of their activities may direct to distrust on the portion of your possibly new customer, which may guide to them to look somewhere else for the solutions or products you offer.

2. Reliability
Inhabitants in this day and time generally see email similar to they did telephone service 10 years before. They anticipate it to forever be there and work one hundred percent of the time. When you are not able to offer them a receipt for the product they have just bought or an authentication email to authorize their account, they would inquire you in place of their email service provider; not Internet or anybody else.

3. Referrals
When a new client doesn’t receive the email they are anticipating from your solution not only do they mislay trust in your company, but they pass to advocate you to other people.

Apart from it, using authentication methods such as 2 factor authentication is also essential.

How people can make lots of money through SMS software?

Lots of people, from the whole world, are generating lots of money via SMS software. The short form SMS in the phrase SMS software is known as short message service. Therefore, software is just short message service software. Whereas it is somewhat a broad term, our apprehension with it, in this sense, is restricted to single meaning of it. This is where we are involved in text message software in as much as it permits individuals to deliver SMS from their systems to bulk audiences.

Therefore, it is in as much as definite software programs let individuals to deliver bulk SMS from their systems to huge audiences that such technique has offered lots of people a chance to make huge sum of cash.

The process by which the complete arrangement operates is where the individuals who are eager to make use of the opportunity list with definite service providers, who let them make use of their text message software platforms. In general, the supposed individuals have to disburse definite fees, to be permitted to list with the alleged software service providers.

Before listing with the SMS software service providers, the possible users are suggested to framework their minds on information solutions they may offer to people via mobile devices. The information solution can be anything.

SMS software may be of many types such as WooCommerce SMS software, bulk SMS software, Magento SMS software, etc., people may use any one as per their need.

SMS notify for WHMCS

The WHMCS SMS Notify is an addon that alerts your clients prior the ending date of domain names or solutions such as hosting and lot more! So, your business offers a quick regeneration of clients' services and changes your clients as soon as feasible. The SMS notify may deliver bulk SMS and allow your clients to find about latest orders or hold up tickets and other details regarding your customer area.

Key Features:

Deliver SMS with all the details such as Hosting Packname, Next Due Date, Domain, Expiry Date, Days Left, Recurring amount and lot more.

Capability to choose date set-up for Next Due Date and Expiry Date.

Capability for multiplying SMS alert at N days prior expiry.

Capability to deliver messages with more than one hundred and sixty characters.

Record for delivered messages with SMS position and price.

List with message that is concerning to send.

Wizard device to duplicate the phones from non-payment area to customized area.

Balance credits from chosen SMS gateway.

Capability to enable or disable to get messages for every customer.

Bulk messages, able to deliver messages to all clients with definite SMS content.

Alert for latest orders, support tickets or response on definite ticket position.

Force messages to deliver SMS anytime with no waiting of N days prior expiry date.

Capability of selecting which ticket department would you like to get.

SMS position update through HTTP callback attribute supported.

Overall, SMS marketing is the best promotion method for business houses, which can help them in successful promotion.

How bulk SMS is the marketing method of new age?

Marketing has established to be the most exclusive part of each business from the very starting of the trade world. When you initiate a latest organization you require informing the individuals or prospective customers that you are accomplishing the similar thing.

Organizations reimburse lots of cash on promoting their products and services. And, appoint the market study specialists to assess the marketplace and obtain the most resourceful process of promotion or more customers elsewhere of it. Definitely, since we all understand that organizations expend much of their amount on promotion and the funds based on organization to organization, depending on how large the organization is. But, a marketing tactic that has influenced all organizations and all sized organizations is mass or bulk SMS. It is not only economical, but also very competent process for all organizations. It has established to be benefit for organizations that require doing the targeted marketing. Thus, following effective bulk SMS marketing tips would be really beneficial in the long run. Bulk messages are not merely creating its marks in promotion, but in each area these days. It’s being employed for notifications purposes. BPO or Business Process Outsourcing organizations are employing bulk messaging services to deliver the SMS when they obtain call or when they finish the call.

Also, Magento SMS extension, bulk SMS gateway, SMS plugin, etc., are a few essential methods for significant and successful business marketing.

Bulk SMS marketing tips to create attractive content

Generally, bulk SMS solutions are used for marketing activities that create brand representation so the layout and text of message must be suitable and specialized and at the same time it must be easy and comprehensible too. The key aim to deliver bulk messages to individuals is to teach them regarding what you are providing to them and why linking to your product would be a good thing.

Below are some fundamental points that must be practiced cautiously to benefit from the best return on bulk SMS marketing solutions.

Create a crunchy text:
The thing of your message must be specialized and the SMS must be apparent. Do not baffle, your SMS must be to the point.

Make it precise:
Since it is permitted to write only few words ensure that you create it precise and easy yet comprehensible for your mass.

Avoid acronym:
It is firmly barred; ensure you employ this for renowned phrase only. Text of bulk messages would create your brand image, so ensure that it must be created in a well elaborated way, it must pursue the rules, and lingo must be accessible and create it as easy as you may so that anyone can comprehend it. All should be stated evidently.

Just go through these and avail the advantages of bulk SMS solutions. WordPress SMS plugin is another effective bulk SMS marketing methods for WordPress users.

Bulk SMS- The best tactic of marketing to increase any business

Internet has changed how individuals interact with each other. Communication with e-mail is quick and has turned into an extremely well-liked type of communication. The newest method of communication is through mobile devices. Short message service or SMS is an accepted type of mobile phone communication. Acquaintances employ this to stay in contact with each other. Various organizations employ this to stay linked with their clients. You may deliver changes regarding your organization to your clients through SMS. If you have scheduled an appointment with a physician, the physician's office prompt you via SMS. SMS may charge you fewer than really making a phone call at the maximum time so you may save resources. There are various packages where you may deliver messages even without charge.

Bulk messaging has become an effective type of promotion to increase any business. You may save much attempt and time in delivering messages than making phone calls. Bulk SMS international route is for sending international SMS at ease. If you are in the field of telemarketing, you might require hiring various individuals to make phone calls if you want to target your potential clients. You may employ bulk messages and communicate the similar SMS to the similar number of clients with lesser efforts.

Also, Vtiger SMS, bulk SMS software, Magento SMS gateway, SMS plugin, etc., are some essential methods that make business promotion effective as well as simple.

What are SMS services and its benefits for businesses?

The complementary or free text messaging services in India have increased rapidly. The idea of bulk SMS entered into the market and businesses are presently employing it as a marketing technique for promoting their products or services. Business bulk messages and SMS services in India have increased in such a substantial manner next to the abundance of mobile phone rings crossways India.

It is significant for businesses to know that business bulk messages are a perfect method of keeping linked with huge intended base and that at reasonable costs. This is the best kind of marketing available these days which allow the businesses to approach the clients and making them aware of what your service or product offers and the method that is advantageous to them.

People are engrossed in the skill of delivering SMS with a passion that has not at all been described before, and the best thing regarding this is that with a small resourcefulness, you may create some smiles, take out your tenderness and make them get appreciated. All you require doing is merge some effective phrases and you would include your individual compilation of messages to deliver. If you are not resourceful in this area there is not anything to be bothered just as you may simply get fun text that are present online free of charge.

At last, different messaging services like Magento SMS extension, bulk SMS software, SMS plugin, etc., are essential for successful business campaigns.

Methods for sending bulk SMS

Growingly companies of all dimensions are bringing in the advantages of low-price, quick communication through bulk text messages to clients and associates similarly. And, whereas a big company will include entry to an IT section to offer this interaction tool, what are small organizations predestined to perform? The best news is that you do not require being a computer whizz-kid or include an internal IT section to take benefit of SMS technique. An SMS gateway service provider will offer you single point of communication, one A to Z cost list and a simple to employ outline for delivering your bulk text messages.

However, if you are new to bulk text messaging you might still be speculating if there are diverse methods for how to send bulk SMS and just how simple this expertise is to employ.

Sending SMS online

This is definitely the most accepted method to deliver SMS, as users just requires logging on to the site from a system, and far they depart. As they are, delivering SMS online is similar to delivering an email. WHMCS SMS notify is the best example of online text messages.

Sending SMS from a desktop app

One more widespread method that organizations deliver text messages is via a downloaded app on their PC workstation, Mac, or Linux system. This arrangement is just as easy to employ as online text messaging, letting you write your SMS just like you perform with an e-mail or quick messaging.

How consulting business can use bulk SMS Excel plugin

Working as a consultant can be a great career choice. You get to assist individuals and solve their problems. Moreover, with bulk SMS Excel plugin you can reach out to more customers and grow your business due to its ease of use, high open rates and engagement.
Here are a few tips to use text messaging for your business.

Promote efficiently

When you first begin to send SMS from Excel for your consulting business, it is essential to promote your services effectively. Make sure the SMS you send conveys the message clearly and it holds a clear call to action that can allow individuals interested in your services to take next step to contact you or hire your services. Include your contact number or website link.

Plan your campaign

With WordPress SMS plugin and you can automate your texts, you can just start sending messages straightaway. It is essential that you come up with an effective plan. It is essential to have a road map to follow. Identify your objectives like attracting more customers and growing your business. This can assist you decide what type of messages you send and what should be the frequency and the timing.

Share business tips

In order to have a successful bulk SMS campaign, it is important to give something of value to your customers. As a result, you can send out regular tips to your customers and prospective consumers. You can send SMS via Google spreadsheet to all the people whose contact details are stored in your spreadsheet.

Bulk SMS can assist you attract more customers for your business, especially if you have an effective plan and a reliable bulk SMS gateway.

What is SMS Gateway API and How it Works?

Communication is an essential part of our daily life. It helps us in surviving with each momentary day. It makes us accomplish our daily tasks, order our favorite food, complain for the worst service and all other possible activities of routine life. Along with the world’s development, communication is also improved with it.

SMS is one of the most common methods of communication in this present world today. Quick exchange of to the point information is made feasible with the help of SMS. SMS can be sent without physical contact as this is done practically or through mobile phone.

SMS travels through a sequence of connections. The text messaging service providers have this type of connection known as SMS gateway API. This is a network competence being used in order to send and receive bulk text messages. It helps in two-way messaging that can be directed towards mobile phones or computers.

There are different types of SMS gateway available online. They have different methods to be followed as to how they transmit text messages. They are as follows:

1. Direct-to-mobile gateway is a type of SMS gateway that has an integral GSM connectivity. This allows sending and receiving text messages through email, web pages and other software applications by using a SIM card. Direct-to-mobile gateway is different from SMS aggregators as it is fixed on its own organization's network and has an ability to connect to a limited mobile network. This mobile works by using a SIM card that will be obtained from the network service provider for the SMS gateway to be set up.

2. Direct-to-SMS gateway allows sending and receiving of text message by email, web pages and other software applications. This deciphers protocol to different forms to pass on the SMS communication. This type of gateway straightforwardly gets linked to the operator’s mobile SMSC through direct line or Internet. SMSC deals with operation by storing text messages and routing and sending them to their preferred destination. This gateway changes the SMS to an SMSC layout for the device compatibility. This type of SMS gateway is used by SMS aggregators for delivering SMS services to clients. This is due to a large volume of text messages that it can support and also its direct communication with the mobile operator.

Apart from the above types of Transactional SMS API, there are some others like PHP SMS API gateway, Java SMS API gateway, which you may also use to send bulk SMS.

Features of the Best Bulk Transactional SMS Provider

Transactional SMS are usually meant for sending essential information and sharing records to the listed customers like sending important notifications, alerts, and reminders to those people who have been listed with the companies. There are various service providers who offer bulk transactional SMS service with API that you can incorporate into your software or website for delivering information related to purchase confirmations, registrations, and OTP set-ups, student monthly progress reports to parents and for various other applications.

Transactional text messages are simply termed as informative messages that are used by e-commerce people to send purchase related details, delivery status, sign up information, greeting to customers, and any other confirmation message related to purchase.

For Example:

Dear card member, payment of XXXX received against your credit card ending XXXX via net banking. Your current limit is Rs. XXXX.

Features of Bulk Transactional SMS

1.Send SMS with six characters Sender ID
2.24/7 SMS delivery reports
4.Full API documentation
5.DND & Non-DND numbers deliverability
6.Fast speed dynamic SMS gateway
7.No monthly rent and set up cost
8.SMS scheduling as per requirement
9.Multiple connectivity
10.Bulk contacts upload directly from Excel sheet
11.Simple and user-friendly control panel

Main technical points

1.Strong technological platform with inherent potential mechanism
2.Direct-to-carrier network
3.Better support SLA's
4.Real-time analysis and tools
5.Well-organized and simple look up

Which organizations can use this service?

1.Banking sector
2.Consumer market
3.Education & Training institutes
4.Financial services
5.Food industry
6.Retail sector
7.Travel & Tourism
8.Hospitality and Healthcare
9.IT and ITES
10.Oil and gas companies
11.Real Estate
12.Media & Advertising

Therefore, transactional bulk SMS , in general, targeted to pass on essential information to all those who are part of the transaction or known people or group. To use this service, initially you have to take approval of your SMS templates or you can whitelist your clients’ mobile numbers. You are not allowed to send promotional SMS by using this route.

SMS Marketing- A Revolutionary Technique for Business World

There is no doubt that the mobile inhabitants in the whole world has exceeded the Internet population. Organizations, small or big, who were previously promoting their products or services over Internet, are now shifting to this new idea of mobile marketing. This is because the SMS marketing techniques offer greater solutions than Internet marketing as they can simply reach a large number of audiences. A mobile is regarded as the most delicate form of marketing a marketer can find and take advantage of.

In an aim to take out the most favorable advantages out of SMS marketing or mobile marketing, a marketer requires following a long-standing strategy. These marketing methods are best used when a brand is mobilized according to needs and pre-defined goals of the business besides the aggregation and allocation of content. Broadcasting these services to the right type of audience at the right time is also needed. In this view, an optimization can be done in background with the end-user experience through a matchless understanding of the behavior of all potential mobile phone users.

The SMS marketing service providers use techniques like SMS service, marketing solutions, SMS delivery solutions, API SMS gateways and VoIP switches to create database and acts as a customized and interactive marketing method. In this regard, SMS gateways can be impeccably incorporated into a present messaging system or application within very few seconds. The greatest advantage of these gateways is that the developers and integrators behind the SMS delivery solutions can have full access to a high-capacity, dependable and safe SMS messaging platform. After that, the common protocols can be used by the developers to create and arrange mobile data applications via several APIs.

The APIs are linked to a provider's messaging platform, which then provides an effective, simple and flexible method of integration with a target to auto-generate text messages to be sent to the targeted recipients' mobile phone numbers. The SMS marketing solutions generally include sending SMS using PHP, language SMS, automated text SMS, ringtones, WAP Push SMS, picture messages and flash SMS. The VoIP switches help in defining an exclusive Sender Identification in addition to create and manage sub-accounts with organizational rights. The SMS gateways can be simply accessed by assigning values to the HTTP API server by the GET or POST method.

The idea of SMS marketing is changing the business world with each passing day and the latest trend is expected to continue itself in the next few years.

Methods of Bulk SMS API Integration

Bulk SMS API is a particular set of codes that can be figured out and inferred by software that carries out two-way communication. In the highly developed technological know-how of the present world, API is very much in use for various business transactions. You can get different types of API packages to send bulk SMS. There are many API options available which are extremely economical as well as advantageous, and all together making no compromises on effectiveness.

Do you have an online ecommerce store, or created a web based app? Are you looking for ways for bulk SMS API integration? Then, there are many providers that provide API integration into bulk SMS & added support for their customers. MSG91 is one of the best bulk SMS API providers, which allows you to send SMS from Java, .Net, C#, PHP, etc.

Bulk SMS Gateway API of MSG91 allows you to send messages to various mobiles users over the network. They allow you to integrate your application with bulk SMS service. By using bulk SMS API gateway integration, you can integrate any of your application to send SMS to different mobile users all over the country. When an SMS is sent via bulk SMS gateway integration, SMS gateway obtains the message and delivers it to network provider to send it to a particular number.

A good bulk SMS gateway or API provider has services of multiple networks that can do load balancing to make sure 100% delivery. There are different methods of bulk SMS API integration to help you integrate it with your web application.

MSG91 provides high-speed, secured bulk SMS services that can solve various communication purposes of various businesses. If you are looking for a bulk SMS API integration service that allows the customers to reply back through same gateway, then MSG91 provides you with the best solution to fulfill your requirements with its API integrated SMS services. The service is offered over a large array of connection alternatives using HTTP API, XML API, and others in order to fulfill different requirements of different systems.

How to Send Bulk SMS for Successful Business Promotion

In this time of quick and precise communication, people want to send messages in a distinct way. Sending quick messages is in trend and different SMS messengers are now getting popular. Sending bulk SMS is the only method that allows quick SMS text notification to an intended group of people that may be up to thousands or lakhs. But, when it comes to sending in a large group and in large numbers we call it as bulk SMS.

An unusual access to the business is what all marketers indict today to surpass the anytime increasing aggression and with this concern in mind, SMS services alone can be your business rescuer. Time and money are two assets of any business and they need to be sensibly used.

Through bulk SMS service of MSG91, every business can add unusual account to the ambition admirers and this can be planned as a much admirable business approach.

Knowing how to send bulk SMS is necessary for successful business promotion. The use of SMS advertising makes it simpler for marketers to knapsack on the business and as well offers   accessibility to sending lots of messages in one go. MSG91 SMS Gateway API services in India are a latest trend and various marketers choose this over any additional form of business as it assures to bear fast and capable results. SMS has been an above hit a part of the marketers as it is one of the most acceptable and economical method of running business with the barter and the customers.

Bulk SMS in India is practiced on a large level, therefore, a large number of bulk SMS service providers are available in the market. These providers accept to be capable of making groups so that sending SMS becomes simpler for businesses and apart from this it should acknowledge the expertise to forward both unaccompanied and collective Transactional SMS so that it can be adjusted for any of the purposes. So, next time, if you are planning to run an SMS business campaign, then consider laying additional accent on MSG91 SMS marketing plans.

How Bulk SMS for Colleges Can Benefit Students

Nowadays, mobile phones are no longer just tools for staying in contact with friends, family, or loved ones. They are now the news carter and promotion tool of choice among various, beating out other promotional tools like TVs and radios.

Mobile phones are particularly helpful to college students. It has become a need that they cannot live without. They use it for exchanging notes, research work, interaction, social networking and lot more. Innumerable text messages are delivered and received every day among mobile phone users.

There are many colleges that are using bulk text message services for benefiting their students and faculty members. Here are some ways on how bulk SMS for colleges benefit college students and college faculty:

1. The whole campus will be sent alert message by simply pushing the send button to inform about any threat in or outside the college premises. Students can check their messages quickly and this proves to be the greatest and most effective alert system as recipients can simply forward messages to all in their phonebook. This is the main reason why colleges use text message services for the security and safety of everyone.

2. Natural disasters like tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and various calamities are taking place all over the world and are many times causing property damages and excessive death tolls. It is irrefutable that these disasters are taking place at alarming rates leaving no one. The fact is that calamities are all together occurring in various states and countries, so using bulk SMS services to make students and faculty aware about safety and prevention creates so much difference.

3. Text message services is helpful for broadcasting updates and information like class time-table, club sessions or training, faculty’s direct message to class, aide memoires and many more. A professor can use the service to message his class about any last-minute information. The head of the department could simply message his subordinates for urgent meetings and lot more.

As text messages are expected in real-time, all important news, updates and most significantly warnings are received instantly. Time is very essential and bulk messaging attains what different tech mediums cannot. There is no need for any Internet connection to obtain alerts. It is an affordable method that both the college and its students can avail benefit of.

By using informative bulk SMS service for colleges, they can simply incorporate text messaging services in their system. It is very simple to use that anybody can deliver messages without depending on an operator. Simplicity of use, dependability and speed are the main reasons why colleges make use of Transactional bulk SMS services.

Therefore, to get the best response rate, we recommend you give bulk SMS marketing a try.

Bulk SMS Service for Stock Marketing Tips

Stock marketers advise market investors and clients about each and every part of financial investments, different stock options, stock trading inputs, information about company, shares dividend, market expert advice and various services related to stock market through Bulk SMS service. Today, SMS services have become the best way of communication for stock brokers and financial advisors as they help in informing investors about varying market conditions quickly.

In today’s busy world, many people don’t have time to keep record of complete stock market update. It becomes complicated for investors to keep record of their stock prices and by the time they get an opportunity to transact, the stock prices may have already altered. That is the main reason why stock brokers these days are using bulk SMS service to send the detail to various investors at a click. This will help investors in being crystal clear about their stock assets and handle their financial investments.

The service bulk SMS for stock marketing tips is one of the quickest, lucrative, most dependable and safe form of communication for stock brokers or marketers to deliver stock market tips in appropriate way. If the information is not given to the stock market investor or customer on timely basis, there is a possibility that investor might lose  money. That is why SMS communication plays an essential role.

MSG91 is one of the top bulk messaging service providers. We help stock brokers and marketers to provide timely information on stock market to its clients with the help of SMS service. Stock brokers can use our services to inform clients about quick alerts, stock marketing tips, transaction verification, future events, forecasting information, due date alerts, definite stock information, end of the day trading positions, by and large market updates, daily high and low alerts, selling or buying updates, FOREX rates, etc.

We at MSG91 serve stock brokers from small and large financial organizations to deliver timely updates related to the latest market variation to their clients. We try hard to make financial lifeguards job much simpler and effective. So, start using transactional SMS service now and send daily stock marketing updates to your clients in bulk.

Best Promotional SMS Service Provider- MSG91

MSG91 is one of India’s leading and growing promotional SMS service providers. With our promotional SMS gateway, you can now design, create, and operate your own promotional bulk SMS campaign! We have multiple connectivity from major operators to provide web based premium and non premium bulk SMS marketing solutions and service for end users as well as best developer SMS API and SMPP bulk SMS or streaming SMS gateway incorporation tools for corporate users.

Any client looking for promotional SMS service gets:

   1. Best SMS delivery ratio
   2. Coverage  all across India & all operator SMS delivery
   3. SMS set up
   4. Bulk number uploading
   5. DND filters
   6. Accurate delivery reports
   7. Affordable bulk SMS price

And, no one is better than promotional bulk SMS service provider, MSG91.

Why MSG91?

1. Serving for 6 years in bulk SMS industry
2. Great bulk SMS features in user panel
3. Self developed SMS gateway technology
4. All India coverage
5. No grey routes, no duplicate deliveries, no SMS cutting
6. Delivery reports
7. Attenuated downtimes
8. Dedicated in-house development & support team
9. SMPP & HTTP or XML SMS API providing to clients for incorporation with their systems

MSG91 is committed to become one of the finest promotional SMS service provider, and serve our clients with outstanding bulk promotional SMS services.

How Bulk SMS Is A Perfect Tool For Marketing

Messaging is an essential part of everyone's life. Before its starting, it has gone through various changes. From being a personal SMS delivered through mobile, it is now used for delivering promotional message by using computer and the internet. It is now marketer's tool to tell their customers about the products or services. All over the world messaging is presently in trend for marketing. These days, marketers depend on bulk SMS for business promotion because:

1. It is quick. As sending information to a person is just a few second's task. You just have to type the message and send it to related customers.

2. It is easy. There are no problems in sending a simple text message, with related information of the products or services.

3. It is cost-effective. Messaging does not require a lot of investment. There is just a need of computer, internet and a text sms, and all work is completed. This text information can be delivered to many people at same time and at least possible cost.

4. It is trustworthy. Message will absolutely be read by the receiver of the information. It is a trustworthy tool. People can forget and miss every other type of marketing advertisement, but message has got straight access to their mobile numbers, therefore they will go through it for sure.

If you are doing business in India, then sending Bulk SMS to your customers can be proved very profitable. With above stated reasons, bulk messaging has become a significant method to stay connected with customers.

In this modern world, everybody wants to stay on top of the competition and for that text messaging service is one of the best methods for business marketing. Both promotional and transactional SMS can be delivered through this service and people do not need to work hard for sending the single text data. They are required to create a message and need to put the list of numbers where message is to be sent. After that, they need to click send button and by doing so they can send the message to the chosen numbers.

There are various companies available that provide bulk messaging service in India. They provide different plans to fulfill different needs of marketers. Messaging has become an imperative part of every marketing department. If somebody wants to reach to a large number of people in less time, then nothing can be better than bulk messages. In very less time Transactional sms can be delivered to thousands of people.

You can use bulk messages to send intimation messages, update customers about latest product launch, marketing offers or incentives, offer discount coupons, booking confirmations, etc. Uses of bulk text messages are never-ending.

One can anticipate constant services from the Bulk SMS Gateway API service provider. Client support is provided to all. They are regarded one of the best business services. Sending of bulk text messages is carried forward by API Server. Messaging channel goes from personal computer to the mobile devices. There are API SMS Gateways available for sending multiple messages in single go.

There are various marketing tools available in the market, but the one that is fast and cost-effective is the best marketing tool. Bulk message sending is used for not only domestic, but international marketing as well. Marketers can get their work done easily with bulk messaging and therefore it becomes a perfect tool for business marketing.

Establish a strong customer 

relationship with Bulk SMS 


We have heard many times “A Good relationship starts with good communication”. And this statement is completely true even in  Businesses. Communication is the first step to making new and retain the existing one. In today’s era, there are a number of communication tools present like telephone, email, social media, letters etc. but, in reality, do you think these things really work? No, in this fast running lifestyle no one has enough time to read your bulky E-mails, or letters. In that situation Bulk SMS can help you in the best way.

Yes, Bulk messaging considered as the best mobile marketing and communication tool because of its conciseness and speed. BulkSMS provides a timely, personalized communication in business help to make a strong and healthy relationship with your customers. In today’s era of technological dependency, mobile phones have  become the basic need for generations which have opened the doors for mobile marketing because of that Bulk or Mass SMS are getting popular day by day that  assits  you to mark your presence in the life of your customers.

Five ways to build long lasting customer relationship with Bulk messaging services:

  • Organize Specialized SMS campaigns to reward your best customers
  • Instant feedback
  • Enhance your customer’s experience by sending an instruction or short manuals to understand your service or product.
  • Keep customers updated regularly by sending alerts of special offers, deals etc
  • By Building meaningful two-way communication

It is due to the  above-mentioned ways, Bulk Transactional SMS has become one of the most effective tools that enables a fast and personal communication with a worldwide customer base. This is the reason why Bulk SMS is the perfect medium to use for business communication even though technology is developing day by day. A number of strong reasons are there that makes Bulk SMS service different.

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • No technological proficiency needed
  • Easy to use
  • No Geographical, demographic boundaries
  • Worldwide reach in a single click
  • Supportable to all kind of handsets

There are some places in the world which remain untouched by the smartphone technology and still using those "Not So smart" phones. SMS services are supportable to all type of phones. So, Bulk SMS is considered as the best communication tool for businesses to build healthy Customer relationships to increase the business customer retention rate.

How Bulk Messaging Can Change the Scenario Of Your Business

Marketing is a tool that has its own beauty. The tool is perennially sharp and the results depend highly on how you work with it. It is more like a double edged sword. There are various effective ways for marketing and Bulk Short Messaging Service is one of them. All the user needs to remember is to use it effectively. There are a million features that accompany this service and they make it useful. With evolution of Internet and smartphones, messaging changed its form. The utility of short messaging service (SMS) changed. SMSs are not used for chatting anymore and have conveniently replaced business e-mails.

Businesses can use this effective tool and enhance profitability. If used smartly, Bulk Short Messaging Service can be the miracle you have been waiting for. A lot of the businesses assume that people will ignore the bulk messages and it won’t be effective. The mindset here is the major problem. No matter how many free messaging apps evolve, nothing can replace the genuineness and the authenticity of an SMS. As the consumer is growing, it is getting smarter too. The consumer can easily distinguish between a useful and informative message and a spam. But he will have to look at all of them. And this omnipresence is what makes the Bulk Messaging Service constructive.

Now the next question that arises is how to make the message notable? How to make the target audience read what you plan to send? The answer is CONTENT. Content is what makes all the difference. Focus on three things, first; keep it short. Second, keep it simple. Third, keep it interesting. Your message should serve two main purposes; convey the required information and convey it precisely. The aim should be more in less. Do not restrict the number of messages but make every single message count. The content of the message should leave customer anticipating for more. Bulk SMS are the new trending medium of advertising.

You can ditch a lot of old methods of promotion and marketing. There are umpteen advantages that come along with Bulk Messaging Services. This service is absolutely paper free. You not only save money but do your bit for the environment too. You do not have to put in extensive human resources. It has a great return on investment and higher value for money. You can promote your products, notify about new stocks, intimate about the latest offers and even handle after sales services. Bulk SMSs will help you establish a personal connect with the customer.

Apart from this, Bulk SMSs are quite useful when you have to establish an inter-organizational communication. You can update employees about new policies, urgent meetings and even provide them that much needed motivation for the upcoming important project. How you use this bulk messaging service is in the end a matter of your own perception and choice. At MSG91, we have all your Transactional SMS marketing solutions ready. We are here to help you extract the maximum business through simple texts. With MSG91, text your way up and get your success delivered.



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